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Most Reliable heating element
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World Renowned Heating Components,
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Ready Stock, Low Cost, Reliable Quality,
for your Solar and Storage heating applications!

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NTT Heating Sdn Bhd
is the leading specialist for
Industrial Heating Elements and Control
Accesories in the Malaysian Market

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Our expert team will find the right solution
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In our company, our professionals are constantly trained and updated, covering a vast area of Heating and Temperature control technology. Count with the best support from our experience team.

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NTT Heating

NTT Heating is a leading supplier of industrial heating elements and thermocouples on the Malaysian Market. We work hard to offer you high quality products and cost effective solutions. All our sales are supported by a professionally trained staff with extensive knowledge of heating elements.

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best seller

Our best sellers include NTT 8 Wash Boiler, Thermowatt Elements, Backer Heating Elements and NTT Bain Marie heating elements. We offer you excellent pricing and outstanding after sales support. Our sales team is ready to advise you on your needs. Call us now.

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OUR product

The W-5 Series Thyristor.

  • Independent adjustment of Max and BIAS.
  • Down-opened Panel, easy for fuse replacement.
  • VR of Max and SFS are installed in the front panel, easy for adjustment.
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NTT Heating Sdn Bhd Office Building

Advise & support

NTT Heating has a vast amount of experience with industrial applications. These include on site installation of control panels & heaters to the Conveyor Systems, site checking and modification of machines & equipment. We also provide design and production services.

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