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Temp. Signal transmitter


  • Programmable for various input signals, measuring rang
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Configurable without external Loop Power Connected
  • Input: Resistance thermometer (PT100), Thermocouple (J.K.T.E.B.R.S.N.C), Voltage/Current (mV/V/mA)
  • Output: 2-wire loop-power (4-20mA, 20-4mA, RS, 485)
  • Sensor failure protection can be configured with highest output or lowest output
  • Equipped with RS485 transmission capability (MODBUS RTU)
  • Multiple inputs/outputs can be programmable freely
  • Isolated inputs and isolated outputs can avoid interference


Input Thermal couples of K, J, T, E, B, R, S, N, C (ITS,90)
Thermostat PT 100Ω, 2-wire or 3-wire
Voltage ±60mVDC or ±10VDC
Current 0 to 24mADC
Accuracy Parameter table
A/D Resolution 16 Bits
Sampling Time <200ms
Power Supply DC 10~36V
Max. Load MAX LOOD, (V-10) 10.02 (Ω)
Output Resolution o.6uA(15Bits)/?+/-0.1%RO
Output Response Time <200ms
Common Mode Rejection
Ratio (CMRR)
Battery Compatibility En50081-2, En50082-2
Isolation 4KV between input and output
Operating temperature -40 to 85?
Humidity 0 to 90%RH

Temperature Signal Transmitter (Head Mounting)


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