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Air Duct Heater

Air Duct Heater


  • Huba Air Flow Switch
  • Ranco Fixed Point Thermal Cut Out (Manual Cut Off 125° C)
  • (Auto Cut Off 90° C)
  • Terminal Box – Epoxy finishing
  • Finned Tubular Heater
  • Heater Connection per set 3 nos, 6 nos, 9 nos, 12 nos


  • HVAC System (Heat, Ventilation and Air conditioning)
  • Drying & Comfort Heating
  • Heat Treating
  • Semi-Con Clean Room
  • Marine & Power Plants


  • Design to be easily inserted into an opening in the duct wall
  • Terminal Box with Epoxy finish Act as Dielectric Insulation
  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant
  • Terminal Box fitted with the necessarry elements,
  • air flow switch & safe cut out device

Electrical Connection
Single or multiple stage as required (240/415V)

For circumstances where corrosion is potential, stainless
steel element & Terminal Box are recommended.

NTT Custom Made Duct Heater

NTT supplies a range of special duct heater assemblies to
fit installations where the standard insert type do not suit
local conditions. These flanged assemblies are available
with all the components listed to use for the standard
range of insert heaters. The rigid construction is from
galvanised steel and incorporates wide mounting flanges

Features Application:
Designed to be easily inserted into an opening in the duct

Electrical Connection:
240 volt, single phase or 415/240 volt three phase in single
or multiple stages as required.

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