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HUBA Air Flow Switch

Technical Overview
The type 604 pressure switch is used as flow switch in ventilation ducts for the control of filters and fans, and in primary and secondary control systems for the control of air dampers. The 604 pressure monitoring switches are also ideally suited to protect heating coils from overheating and monitoring industrial air cooling circuits.

The Distinct Advantages

  • Extremely easy to install
  • User-friendly snap fit cover
  • Case geometry allows easy cable lead-in
  • Cable strain relief integrated in PG11
  • Combi-bracket for vertical or horizontal installation
  • High adjustment accuracy through individual scale laser-etching per switch
  • Long-term stability of switching points through trapezoidal bead diaphragm
  • Multi-layer gold plated contact

 Legend to cross-section drawing

  1. P1 Pressure connection (higher pressure)
  2. P2 Pressure connection (lower pressure)
  3. Diaphragm
  4. Scale for switching point high
  5. Snap fit cover
  6. Mounting combi-bracket type C (option)
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