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NTT ACH – 60/80W

Typical Applications

  1. Switchboard panel heating
  2. Small cabinet space heating


  1. Cost effective and simple to install
  2. Reliable
  3. With vitreous enamelled resistor element
  4. Selectable voltage of 60W or 80W 240V
  5. 2-way ceramic connector for easy connection supply voltage
  6. Fast heat transfer


  1. Screw terminal are securely riveted for trouble-free connection
  2. Excellent oxidation resistant Stainless Steel Sheath (SUS 430)
  3. High temperature mica sheet assures excellent dielectric strength provided for complete electrical insulation
  4. Precision engineered and wound resistance element (Alloy Wire N80 Cr20)


Reference No. : NTT ACH – 60/ 80W
Casing Epoxy finish steel metal plate
Element Vitreons Enamelled Resistor
Supply Voltage 240V
Power : 60/80W

Installation Procedure
Normally on the bottom plate of the enclosure with the resistor in a horizontal position  and the ceramic connector at the side for cable terminal connections.

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