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Band Heater & Strip Heater


  • Packaging Industries
  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Extrusion
  • Plastic Blow Moulding
  • Printing Equipment
  • Pipe Heating


  • Highest quality Mica used in all designs
  • Thin construction for maximum heat transfer
  • All bands are accurately rolled to the specified diameter for optimum contact
  • SUS metal enclosures
  • Fast Delivery


NTT’s reliable, inexpensive Mica Band heaters are best suited for uses involving low to moderate temperatures. Mica Bands are also offered in a wide variety of termination and clamping styles. NTT’s Mica Bands feature thin construction and high-quality insulation for effective heat transfer and excellent dielectric qualities.

Type N-BH1

90 degree lead support similar to type B2.

Type N-BH2

Single terminal mounted at each end of band near gap. This system is an standard termination system for both large and small one piece bands.

Type N-BH3

Similar to type B2 except the terminal are at the opposite.

Type N-BH4

Threaded post terminals is tandem position is ideal for narrow width heater.

Type N-BH5

Flexible post terminals in parallel position and mounted at one end of piece band near gap.

Type N-BH6

Two terminals at one end of each half of two piece band. Permits all wiring at one location on band. Specify total watts or watts per half, total volts or volts per half.

Type N-BH7

Two piece band with clamping straps. 1” wide heaters will have post terminals located at 90° to gap. Specify total watts or watts per half, total volts or volts per half.

Type N-BH8

2 pin socket mounted to heater for use as quick disconnect system. Please specify socket position

Type N-BH9

Two ways ceramic connector can be supplied for easy connection. Available up to 30 amps.

Strip Heater

General Description
NTT’s Strip Heater consists of a stainless steel sheath containing a
high-temperature Mica Sheet insulating a Nickel Chrome wire
coil. The terminals are also constructed of Stainless Steel and are
securely anchored to prevent twisting out under normal
conditions. NTT Strip heaters provide a dependable, versatile and
efficient heat source for a wide range of applications.

Heating air, injection and extrusion dies, food tables and platens.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable, solid & low cost
  • High Heat Transfer & Rapid Heat Up
  • SUS 304, 430 & EG Sheet material available
  • Simple to Install
  • Fast Delivery

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