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Ceramic Heater Band

General purpose terminal box offers excellent protection to exposed terminals. To  implify electrical wiring, the box has 1/2” trade size knockout  (actual dia. 7/8”) that will accept standard conduit or flexible armor cable connectors.

Stainless steel screw terminals connected to solid nickel pins designed to provide maximum amperage carrying capacity.

Built-In ceramic fiber insulation 1/4” thick standard on all Ceramic Bands will reduce power consumption by 25 to 30 percent. Further reduction can be obtained with optional 1/2” thick insulation. Specially designed mounting brackets with 1/4”- 20 socket cap screws are used to securely draw the heating element assembly against the cylinder evenly and tightly across its entire width. Brackets are located 180˚ from the screw terminals.

Helically wound nickel-chrome resistance wire strung through specially designed ceramic insulating bricks.

Stainless steel housing with serrated edges provides maximum flexibility for ease of installation.

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