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General Purpose Element


  • Full Annealed straight length, easily designed to U,W and Multiple U bending for immediate replacement.
  • Ideal for custom built, works repair to existing equipment
  • Cost effective, fast delivery, excellent quality.
  • Materials available in Incoloy 840, SUS 304, SUS 321, Ø 8mm, Ø11mm
  • Standard type Hexagon boss , M16 bush and nuts, flanges available for immediate use.


  • Water, oil and mild chemical immersion heating.
  • Water urns, sterilizers, wash boiler, steamers and many others like situations.
  • Air Heating in ovens, cabinets and force Air Heating system.


In most of the industries, machine are key elements in manufacturing system and their breakdown can cause delays in the production system. Our NTT 11 Series straight length tubular element is the solution that meets your urgent request.

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