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Infrapara ( Energy Saving Infrared Radiant Ceramic Heater)

General Description
It is well understood that heat transfer may be performed in three manners – namely, conduction, convection and radiation. However, according to our experimental date, we would recommend our newly developed ceramic heater which radiates long-wave infrared ray absorbed by target bodies to induce drastic molecular vibrations and thereby internal heating proceeds within at an excellent efficiency. It is the fastest and most efficient heating and drying method among the abovesaid heat transfers.

In order to use the infrared ceramic heater decently, it is necessary to realize before hand the properties of infrared ray, radiator, materials to be heated or dried, as well as control techniques. Our “INFRAPARA” has been designed to emit proper wave range in the manner that energy carried by electromagnetic waves (Quanta compatibly) is apt to be absorbed by target bodies. Moreover, under normal conditions, a

good long life time is prossible due to its high mechanical strength and electrical insulation.

“Infrapara” is ready to serve for energy saving, high speed treating, and creating more profits in your production lines.

Long wave infrared ray as the heat source.

It is a common knowledge and experience that sunshine carries infrared ray to heat and dry bodies. Our ceramic heater – INFRAPARA, made from selected ceramics and some rare metal oxides by special techniques, radiates long wave infrared ray in decent range to match different absorptivities of target materials to obtain high efficiency. It is a proven best way for heating and drying purposes.

Super-Black Infrapara - A Radiant Ceramic Heater

Features & Advantages

  1. Unique ceramic heater - selected ceramics with high thermal durability, mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. High quality Nichrome wire is used
  2. High emissivity
  3. Quick thermal response, high thermal efficiency
  4. Easy control to radiate favourable wave lengths for different target materials
  5. 1-10 times more speedy than ordinary heaters
  6. Uniform temperature distribution
  7. Electric power may be saved up to 50%, production yield may be raised 30% up
  8. Oven volume reduceable to one half or even less. Maintenance or replacement of existing old-fashioned heat pipes in ovens is easy.
  9. Free from dust contamination. No fire flame appears during heating process
  10. High safety

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