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NTT Thermocouple

General Description

  1. A Thermocouple is a closed loop circuit that consists of two dissimilar metal wire welded together at both ends. When the differences of temperature exists between the two junctions, an electromagnetic force EMF develops and thermoelectric current flows in the circuit.
  2. The electromagnetic force EMF and its polarity depend on the temperature  differences and the thermal EMF induced within is known beforehand for a particular thermocouple. Therefore, temperature can be measured correctly.
  3. Thermocouple Application:
    1. Electric power and gas processing plant
    2. Electronic factory
    3. Glass and ceramic industries
    4. Petrol chemical industries
    5. Ship Building
    6. Aircraft and Aerospace
    7. Textile and food industries
    8. Plastic and packaging industries


Thermocouple Connector

General Description

  1. Thermocouple Connector is typically recommended to connect each individual extension wire by maintaining the accuracy of temperature.
  2. There are many types of Thermocouple Connector that matches your temperature input. Wrong selection of connector will caused inaccuracy of
    temperature measurement.

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