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VT Series Surface Thermostat

VT series Bimetal Thermostat’s are designed to meet your everyday Electric Water Heater needs. Featuring high electrical ratings and dual switch actions, this thermostat allows you to control and adjust temperature limits. The Phenolic casing design allows this thermostat to easily fit into your Water Heater. Surface, wall and screw-on mountings give you the flexibility.

Enjoy the peace of mind of dual-protection, with a thermostat that prevents both dry-boiling and overheating in one.

VT series are TUV and UL certified, and have a long-life span.

Model: VTMJ (VTM & VTJ)
Elec. Rating: AC250V / 30A S.P.S.T.
Temp. Range: 45 ~ 75°C
Function: Adjustable Temperature with manual safety Reset Button.
Application: Water Heating, Solar Panel Heating
Thermostat, Storage Tank Heating

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