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W-5 Series Thyristor

Product Features

  • Independent adjustment of Max and BIAS.
  • Down-opened Panel, easy for fuse replacement.
  • VR of Max and SFS are installed in the front panel, easy for adjustment.
  • Multi-LED display panel makes the operating condition clear.
  • The auxiliary powers (ACI, AC2) are independently controlled for all models.
  • Build-in buffering output adjustment (SFS VR), adjusting range 1-22 seconds.  (Only for the phase control product)
  • Top and bottom shielding covers are designed for safety and fashion out looking, also easy for wiring installation
  • In case of 0.5 Hz sudden power losses, system output can be switched off immediately. Once the power is restored, the system will buffer the output to prevent the voltage surge for fuse burn-down.
  • Main power is one spec. Design for 200-480VAC.
  • Automatic power frequency detection for 50-60Hz. No need for selection or switch.
  • Automatic detection and display for power out-of-phase, SCR overheating, and fuse burn-down with one set of alarm dry contact output.
  • In cases of SCR overheating or fuse burn-down, the system output is stopped immediately. Once the malfunction is eliminated and power is restored, the system will buffer the output to prevent the fuse burn-down.
  • 4-20mA, 1-5VDC, 2-10VDC, 0-20mA, 0-5 VDC, dry contact point, etc., and all control signals are ready to use.
  • Triggering circuit and the main board are designed separately to avoid the main board damage when main circuit malfunctions.
  • Using European detachable control signal connector for easy replacement without re-wiring installation.

W5 Thyristor

When the power regulator is operating, the heat will be generated automatically. Please install the system vertically and leave some empty space on two sides to avoid the temperature inside the regulator rising continuously. There must be some ventilation holes on the control box. Please follow the principle of hard air rising to install the ventilation holes or extra cooling fans.

Please avoid installing the regulator in a place with high temperature or poor ventilation. Otherwise the maximum operating capacity most be set lower than 70% of the nominal capacity.

Avoid installing the regulator in places with heavy water evaporation, acid, alkaline or corrosive air. Ambient humidity: below 90%RH (no condensation)
Ambient temperature: 10°C-45°C

The above numbers are based on the conditions of no corrosion, no greasy dirt, and no cover on the heat sink and following the recommended installation guides based on the principle of heat transfer.


W5 Thyristor

Control & Applied Loading

Phase angle control: continuous phase angle control, steady output, current gauge reading remains steady. But, every halfwave will produce harmonic wave. Applicable loading: fixed resistance loading, variable resistance loading, inductive loading, IR lightbulb.

Zero crossing control: distributed zero crossing control. minimum resolution 1Hz, no harmonic wave, and current gauge reading oscillates. Applicable loading: fixed resistance loading

Wiring & Setup Notices

Standard main circuit setup:

Main Power > Molded Case Circuit Breaker > Contactors > Power Regulator > Loading

The screw must be tightened during the wiring setup to avoid high temperature resulting from bad contact. Once the wiring setup is completed, the front panel and safety cover must be properly installed before the system is powered up to avoid tbe electric shock or short circuit caused by dropped conductive objects.

W5 Thyristor

Model Table

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